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What we decided on for the Big Waste Day Out

. The whole day will involve only the 5 schools that have been participating. Other organisations became involved: COOLmob, Power & Water, ALEC, Land for Wildlife,
  • We will share our experiences by writing up what we have done in a way that will be useful to other schools and next year we will invite more schools into the whole process
  • Each school will do a performance of approx 5 mins each. This can be pre recorded.
  • Each school will do a display of the work they have been doing. This will be a start on the displays for the Desert Knowlege Symposium in November
  • There will be activities run by students and teachers of the participating schools for other students to join in.
These may include:
  1. Living Waters - Paper making, and beanie making and beads from paper for jewellery
  2. Laramba - Static display of the vegetable garden
  3. Papunya - Painting bags
  4. Bradshaw - (Sarah to complete) Worm Farms
  5. Braitling - Worm Farms, can crushing, uses for used cans as stilts and tin telephones and other toys.
  • We will also invite other people to present, eg Jimmy from ALEC, Michelle from waterwise schools, Ben Wall re papercrete

Cathy McKeon will support teachers and other agencies with the organisation of the day. For more info on how Cathy's role will work see

The Alice mob are using this page to brainstorm ideas for the BIG DAY. What we need at the Araluen

We'll use this page to record the ideas and the discussion feature to discuss them.

Wearable arts: only one taken on board (Living Waters)
Parade down the mall, each school has a theme so that we cover a variety of things
Witchetty's for performance
Circus lawns for workshops with other schools and community members
Afghan traders could come
Displays in Bar Doppio
School open days
Guest artists
Music (make the instrumenats out of waste) Junkadelic
Communicate with each other about what we are doing so that we dont double up
Invite the media to attend
Make a big thing of it
Bring everyone in from the bush schools
Invite the tip shop people
Get the Irrkerlantye drummers involved
Market stalls selling worms, paper, gifts, sculptures from waste, costumes,
Get the council involved
Create a sculpture on the day



Meeting 12.9.08
Present: Cathy McKeon, Danielle (LFW), Chris Schultz
* Generally agreed with all points made in above summaries
* Look into possibility of another "stand alone" day other than Science Week. World Environment Day in Term 2 - perhaps too soon for new schools entering the program.
Investigate possibility of other days.
* Extra unattached helpers need to be recruited from inside and outside schools.
* Having outside organisations other than schools as presenters really good.
* Structure OK- worked well.
* People now have a better idea
* Schools need to register early
* There needs to be a detailed brief of what schools and organisations are doing, before the holidays, so that planning can be made for things like running sheets, and people don't cross over and do the same thing.
* 15 mins just enough time for presentations - comfortable time.
* Look at how 5 min presentation can be timetabled.
* Show bag of ideas an excellent suggestion
* Keep to Primary Schools, but encourage more participation - more local and remote schools, more people in the schools
* Poster needed to advertise the Big Waste Day Out early in the piece.
* Perhaps have presenter's lunch outside the venue on the picnic tables, as a school turned up during lunchtime.

IN TOTAL - People wanted to do it again, were happy with what happened for the first time, and want to involve more schools/ organisations.

Power & Water display
Laramba -their garden

COOLmob- Greenhouse Gases

Bradshaw's Worm Farm and garden

Braitling's worm farm, can crushing, can toys

Solar Ovens

Papunya's painting bags to save plastic ones

Living Waters - paper making using recycled paper

Living Waters display

ALEC - Jimmy's wallets from recycled UHT boxes