At Braitling Primary we have had teachers work on specific units that look at recycling and environmental issues. Recent units include developing worm farms, making students aware of recycyling issues, looking at endangered species and looking at energy consumption. We would like to have a whole school approach that links in all units of work and develop Braitling into a sustainable school. We look forward to the future.

Update from the June 2008 meeting

Braitling have:
  • developed the worm farm - but bigger is not always better - have attracted lots of lizards which are eating the worms
  • whole school approach
  • composting
  • indigenous garden
  • applied for EnviromeNT grant
  • recycling cans
  • messages to parents
  • recycling mobile phones
  • SRC - rubbish free lunch
  • wearable arts
  • posters for Braitling Community