Ideas from discussion

20 August
Primary, middle and secondary schools involved.
9:30 - 2:00
performances - song and dance performance plus awards
2 classes per schools (50 kids per school)
Remote communities submit a cd rom of performance with some students attending to introduce performance
Arts, case study 1 week road show - casuarina etc.

Staged - primary/ middle-secondary

Street theatre (this could be as part of schools art entries), energised atmosphere
Venue - darwin convention centre also thinking as options eg chan building, cdu theatrette

Where does the discussion session fit in? As part of the day or before the day?

Awards - awards for participation, awards for effort for each school.

The Event ....details.....details ........lets make it happen

The Big Waste Day Out KAB_GALA_poster.jpg- put it up in your school for all to see.

How does everyone feel about getting together to catch up, update the wiki and discuss the Big Waste Day Out so that everything runs smoothly for everyone involved? Proposed date to do this is week 2 next term - 31 july - thursday afternoon from 1.45 - 3.30. If I put together a pd application would you be able to be released for the afternoon and someone within the school cover you?

Please reply using the discussion tab at the top of this page to voice your thoughts.

We have now decided that the Friday afternoon of week 6 would be an opportunity for greater Darwin area teachers involved in the challenge to come together and use the wikispace to write up their project details. Louise Fogg will send an email pd invite by the end of week 2 to all registered teachers and their principals re this offer which would include ERT for the day. Teachers could use the morning to upload photos, gather data etc before coming to use the wikispace at the computer lab at NTOEC, Rapid Creek.