Energy Savings (things we worked on, with Heimo, during the initial meeting)
A. confirm actual electrical expensies 2007 (one year)
B. Airconditioning approx 60% of total expense
- accurately determined by : finding out KWH hours of usage, operating time and then do calculation
C. Proposing that we run fans for 2 mnths of the year, then with that figure, take off from the figure above - that gives us potential savings of x amount of $
D. 20 rooms at 4 fans per room
total capital investment of 80 fans (installation) @ $120 each = total $9600 capital expenditure
E. Then figure out how much KWH the fans cost to run (fine tune it - will everyone run all 4 fans every day????)
F. (D + E) - C = first year savings (Business industry it is economically viable if you have a 3 year return on investment) - and we will probably have a pay-back in the first year anyway
NB/ once you've done the desktop analysis with quotes you conduct a trial in a controlled environement, ie D block give consideration to occupational health and safety, risk analysis and review departmentally policies relating to installation of ceiling fans in school rooms.

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Each of the year 5/6 teachers created a challenge for their students, to rethink waste at our school.
5/6 Darcey tackled water, 5/6 Henderson and 5/6 Timms looked at saving electricity, 5/6 Jones researched worm farms and composting while 5 Doherty created a whole school paper bin initiative.
All students and teachers at Durack School became involved; 'energy trackers' in each class monitored the use of power, paper and other waste in an effort to make our school more environmentally friendly.

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