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How was the workshop in terms of meeting your expectations about the Re-thinking Waste in Schools Challenge?

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More than what I expected.A well presented PD with all the information needed .AS
Much more than I expected. I felt very informed and comfortable with the choices we made. - D (Durack)
The workshop exceeded my expectations, it was well presented and informative. AS (papunya)

Do you feel that you have made some good progress in terms of planning how RTW might look in your school?

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Definately was great to have the experts available to discuss options etc. They were very willing to share their information and experience.AS
Yes, it was good to be able to get feedback from others and direction on where we should be heading for planning. - D (Durack)
Yes, the feedback was fantastic and very helpful AS (papunya)

How was the workshop in terms of learning about wikis and how and why we might use them in education?

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Very informative.
Good to link up with other schools and staff sharing ideas
Jumping in with both feet was a great way to learn more about wikis and gave me some ideas of how I might incorporate them into my planning.- D (Durack)
good for sharing of ideas AS Papunya

Do you think that using a wiki in this way is useful? Why/why not?

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I find that this is an excellent way to get direct information from other schools and to have a big network of people to share ideas and projects. AS
Using wikis seems to be a great way to begin to nationalise/internationalise our curriculum and open the doors for our students to communicate with others across Australia and around the world. - D (Durack)

How might you use wikis in the future?

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Finding resources sharing ideas.
For communicating with others, sharing resources and brainstorming ideas. - D (Durack)
Activity based for students to share information, and post ideas, own class one AS (papunya)

Do you have any other comments or feedback about any aspect of the workshop, the wiki or the RTW challenge?

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The workshop covered all the areas we need to know to get started with plenty of backup.AS
I found the workshop to be very informative and the RTW challenge opened my eyes to other ways we can start to re-think waste even on a personal level. - D (Durack)