Laramba School

A brief introduction to sustainability initiatives at our school
Laramba School is a Sustainable School. We have participated in the NT Waterwise Program and the Secondary students have looked at different water holes in and around the community. We have also been successful applicants for the Community Water Grant and the Secondary Men learnt how to weld and install guttering at our school and a plumber has installed some rainwater tanks. The Secondary students have also participated in Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management through CDU through which we have established a food garden in the community agricultural lot and harvested tomatoes, corn, squash and various other vegetables and fruit. This year we have planted out some bush tomatoes that we propogated at CDU. We are developing enterprise initiatives which include the Secondary Women learning the traditional skills of beading from the elders, from collection of the beans through to the sale of our products.

ReThinking Waste at Laramba
Using the Community Water Grant we have installed rainwater tanks to harvest rainwater from our roof and to reduce the amount of water we are using from our limited supply in the bore. We also have a plan to install a grey water system that will be used to water our shade trees.

In 2008 we set up some rubbish bins in our community to help us to deal with the different sorts of waste. The colourful bins contain waste that can not be burned, whilst the plain ones are for burning. We also began collecting drinks cans in 2008 and are planning on expanding this project to collect from the whole school and community in 2009.

Update from the June 2008 Meeting

  • Guttering almost completed - waiting on a 5 m stretch
  • are separating rubbish to burnable and non burnable - new painted bins
  • can recycling is beginning
  • tap signs created as a reminder to turn off