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Living Waters
We have started a recycling paper program. Each class has two boxes, 1 for reusable paper and 1 for recyclable paper. The recyclable paper is then turned into pulp and made into paper. The goal of making the paper is to sell it within the school community and raise money towards a mulcher for the school which will help reduce the schools waste by 79%. The children are part of the whole process. Teachers are also using the reusable paper to photocopy on again.

Update from June 2008 meeting

  • have set up and environment committee
  • have got envrironment stuff on the school plan
  • continued with paper making
  • getting waterless urinals
  • changing to dual flush toilets in staffroom
  • have some solar energy chapmpions who were rewarded with being able to attend the Solar City launch with Peter Garrett
  • $50,000 solar grant
  • composting
  • worm farm
  • paper monitoring graph on photocopier - number of sheets used per fortnight
  • Territory tidy towns
  • Tree planting day for july
  • Finke and environment - visiting speaker