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Use the discussion tab for this page to introduce yourself and explain briefly why you are keen for your class/school to be involved in the challenge eg. what are you most concerned about? what are the environmental impacts that your school is having? what are you most excited about?

Information about the Re-thinking Waste in Schools Challenge is available on the NT Keep Australia Beautiful website

Here is the Re-thinking Waste in Schools Challenge Information Kit

Information kit available on Keep Australia Beautiful Council (NT) websitInfo Kit(web).pdfInfo Kit(web).pdf

Here is the report template
Report template is available on Keep Australia Beautiful Council (NT) website

NEW!! Keep Australia Beautiful Week 24 - 30 August

- your preschool and primary school can score points for the environment during the week. Take the challenge and enter. Find out more at

How can we ensure that our projects are sustainable ?

  • A Whole School Approach can help to make this project sustainable whole school approach.ppt
  • For more information on Sustainable Schools and the Whole School Approach you may wish to use schools presentation1.ppt
  • Other resources that will be helpful can be found on the
Sustainable Schools and the Rubbish Free Lunch espace courses. Simply log in using your ntschools user name and password.

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