Some teaching and learning strategies and methods to consider include:

  • participatory learning - opportunity for students to set own learning goals, plan, organise and self assess
  • cooperative learning - work together to achieve goals
  • inquiry based learning - opportunities to investigate issues or questions
  • opportunities for action and problem solving
  • discussing views and beliefs - debates, panels, conferencing, role playing, brainstorming
  • first hand experience
  • links with local community
  • use of real life issues
  • use of secondary sources eg video, photos as well as written sources
  • explicit teaching
  • guided and shared reading, listening, viewing

A constructivist view of learning recognises that

  • knowledge is actively constructed and learning requires active participation
  • meaning of the world can be made individually and with others in a social context
  • there are multiple ways of thinking and learning (multiple intelligences)
  • prior knowledge and experience help us to understand and interpret the world around us
  • learning needs to be purposeful and connected to our world
  • learning is inspired by curiosity and wonder
  • learning can be enhanced when it is collaborative and cooperative
  • learning requires understanding and empathy of other points of view
  • learning requires opportunities to reflect on our understandings and the learning process

Reference: Lang, J. (2007) How to succedd with Education for Sustainability, Curriculum Corporation, Australia.

Learning outcomes

What NTCF outcomes might your learners be working towards? What does their learning look like at different band levels?
  • What do we want them to know and do?
  • How will we know that they have learnt?
  • How can we best help them to learn?

A planner to consider these questions and share with teaching teams when thinking about planning integrated units of work for the rethinking waste focus in 2010.

When you are ready to design an integrated unit of work you might like to see if these templates would suit.
Unit of work guide.doc
Learning by Design.doc